Veranautics is an aerospace startup.

Our mission: apply new technology to maximize aircraft performance.

More coming soon in 2017!

Aircraft are expensive to operate.

Despite the costs, aircraft are routinely operated inefficiently.

We maximize capability and minimize cost of aircraft operations.



  • Direct takeoff and landing data (DTOLD) solutions extract maximum airfield performance capability via first-principles, physics-based formulations
  • Breakthrough fuel-savings methodologies identify airframe improvements and operational changes that save money
  • Aircraft improvements that minimize fuel burn and improve takeoff performance


  • Planning and support for flight test of aircraft improvements
  • Analysis of test data
  • Development of performance models for expansion and certification
  • Validation of TOLD and EFB performance data


  • Regulations and technology change – we adapt performance data to match
  • Analysis tools fall into disrepair, both at operators and OEMs – we maintain, modernize and restore capability
  • Legacy performance data are often limited – we improve and extend the performance database to increase capability
  • Legacy performance data are difficult to change – we update data faster, better, cheaper